Community Image + Vision Implementation Through   Architecture    &     Development



The process utilizes a group workshop format to identify opportunities, recognize positive potential and conceive plans for implementation. The method is based upon a project delivery model and strategic programs to produce the intended results for the endeavor.

Strategic Programs:   Utilize the ADVICE Workshop (Architectural Design Vision Idea Concept Exploration), a two part series. Part 1: Envisioning-"A Positive Approach to the Community Development Process" consisting of exploration, envision, ideation and evaluation steps. Part 2: Action - "Procedures for an Architectural Process" identifying a project, setting goals, analysis, concept creation and determination of resources.

Delivery Model:   Identify potential projects or opportunities, produce a schematic concept, develop a visual image and create a resource team as depicted in the adjacent diagram.


Implementation:        Development of an overlay sketch and written description to clarify objectives, establish costs, target markets and determine resources for the proposed development, renovation or re-imaging project. In the management of these activities, CIVITAD Advisors would assist in the assembling of a project delivery team to produce the project.