Community Image + Vision Implementation Through   Architecture    &     Development


Cedar Center South University Hts., Ohio

Client: The Coral Company


Project Description: The project consisted of the re-development of a mid-twentieth century shopping center to create opportunities to re-energize, re-position and re-image the center. The project was produced through partial, selective demolition of the existing center, construction of new structures and remodeling of existing. The development included the re-animation of the rear of the center where the majority of its parking occurs.  The overall project included developing an architectural vocabulary that could tie together the remodeled portions with the new and was challenged by budget limitations resulting from issues arising from discovered existing conditions. The buildings were designed materials and elements to create a sense of scale and identity.


Note: project completed while in the employ of Herschman Architects, Inc.

Pre-renovation image

Cedar Center South University Hts., Ohio

photo courtesy of Herschman Architects, Inc.

Proposed New Building Rendering

Cedar Center South University Hts., Ohio

image courtesy of Herschman Architects, Inc.

Completed Project       Cedar Center South University Hts., Ohio      photos courtesy of Herschman Architects, Inc.