Community Image + Vision Implementation Through   Architecture    &     Development


Graffiti Cleveland, Ohio

Client: Graffiti Cleveland


Project Description: The project consisted of the exterior remodeling of an existing commercial building to meet owners objectives to create a building image consistent with the business's creative focus and gain street attention for a non-descript existing façade.  Included were removal of existing sign cabinets , installation of new façade materials, adding a new canopy for the signage and restoring existing masonry. The project was produced to meet the needs and budget of the client and to respond to the local design review board's direction in  addressing the community desire to improve the character of the street.




Note: project completed while in the employ of Herschman Architects, Inc.

Pre-renovation image

Graffiti Cleveland, Ohio

photo courtesy of Herschman Architects, Inc.

Proposed Renovation Sketch

Graffiti, Cleveland, Ohio

image courtesy of Herschman Architects, Inc.

Completed Renovation               Graffiti, Cleveland, Ohio                    photo courtesy of Herschman Architects, Inc.