Community Image + Vision Implementation Through   Architecture    &     Development

Resource Center

The Resource Center contains articles, tools and programs produced by CIVITAD and available for use by visitors t the site. Additional articles and programs will be listed here....stay tuned for further information.

This article describes the role architects can have in contributing to their communities. It describes the importance of this engagement along with the process and pathways for involvement.  Originally  produced as a presentation for the AIA Ohio Valley Regional Convention in 2005, the article is derived from a lecture given in the Kent State University College of Architecture.

Presentation given at the 2010  International Council of  Shopping Center Convention at Las Vegas describing the necessity and strategies for building shopping centers using sustainable building strategies. (the document was produced by Judson Kline while in the employ of the firm and provided courtesy of Herschman Architects, Inc.)


CIVITAD and The ADVICE Program is a presentation to the First Suburbs Development Consortium describing a program to provide a workshop for community development vision . The Program is designed to introduce a process for shaping community vision provided by the CIVITAD organization.